Welcome to Remedial Massage Blog Cutlerbespoke Website! This blog is all about remedial massage, healthy tips and writings that i want to share that i think will benefit people. From time to time i will include something that might be off topic that i think might be interesting. I always believe in natural therapies and alternative medicine. I am a big fan of remedial massage therapy! Ever since i had a proper massage done on my back and arms after a long day sitting down in front of the computer at work. I have to have a massage at least once a week. It just makes you feel good. You feel like your blood flow are directed to your hardend muscles. I’m also into healthy eating. Not fun of diets. As long as you eat natural foods, for me that is healthy. Ok, i hope to make this blog a good source of straight forward information on health! If you have any ideas and interesting health facts please let me know. Enjoy your day!


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