There are three types of them which are sprains and fractures and strains. Lots of things can cause ankle injuries. Even the simplest things that we are not aware of: such as walking on slippery floor and bumpy surface, and also landing inappropriately after jumping. You don’t need to be a sportsman to get it. How do they differ and how to treat them? It will be explained as below

1. Sprain
It happens because you have got your ligament of your ankle torn or stretched. Mostly happen after falling, running on bumpy surface and after doing sports. Different level of severity may cause different level of pain. If the sprain is mild then it means that your ligament is only stretched. But if your sprain is severe, it means that your ligament is torn.

Some of the symptoms are: stiffness, numbness on your foot, bruising, swelling and unable to walk or put weight on foot. MRI or take an X-ray of your ankle is suggested in order to diagnose it. Different treatments apply based on different level of severity. For the mild one, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) treatment plus series of motion, stretching and strengthening exercises will do.

While for the moderate one, besides RICE and wearing a boot to make sure your ankle doesn’t move, you will need more time to heal before you can do series of motion, stretching and strengthening exercises and additional must to do physical therapy in order to have your ankle functions normally. The last is the severe one. Longer period of series of motions, stretching and strengthening will apply and the worst case is to have surgery for repairing the ligaments.


Sports Ankle Injuries
Sports Ankle Injuries


2. Strain
This happens if your muscles are torn or stretched. It often happens at the back of your thigh or lower back. But it can also happen on the Pereoneal tendon in the ankle which is called Tendinitis. The symptoms are pain that concentrates in the affected area which will escalate when someone touches it, tightness and tenderness on the affected area that makes it hard to move and also swelling.

Doctor will be able to diagnose it through MRI scans, X-Rays and ultrasounds. While for the treatment will cover resting, elevating tendons, wrapping with compression bandage, taking medicine to relieve pain, stretching and strengthening exercises. If you have the severe strain, you will get corticosteroid injection, need to wear supports, do physical therapy and have surgery for the worst case alongside those treatments above

3. Fracture
It happens when you have broken your bones. It can be cured in two ways: with and without surgery. If there is only one broken bone which is still stable and not out of place, you just need to wear supports. If the ankle is not stable, surgery is needed.

The doctor will stabilize your ankle with the help of mental plate and screws. Covering the ankle with a splint and cast while waiting for your ankle to recover followed by some physical therapies to regain its normal function


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