Massage therapy has a number of benefits to offer people in different situations all over the world. We choose to undergo various forms of massage for a number of different reasons. Some people will have a massage to help them relax and unwind. Others will undergo various forms of massage to help deal with injury and pain and discomfort, whilst others may choose to undergo massage for medical reasons.

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) sufferers for example, have noted massage therapy to be especially beneficial for them over the last several years, making massage therapy one of the more effective alternative therapy treatments for MS sufferers. MS affects the Central Nervous System (CNS), which can lead to pain, discomfort, immune system issues as the immune system will actually attack their own nerves, issues with movement, and more unpleasant side effects. The condition is not pleasant, but the good news is that massage therapy has been found to present a number of benefits to MS sufferers. Some of these include the following:


multiple sclerosis and massage
multiple sclerosis and massage


A reduction in pain – When their MS conditions affects their sensory nerves, MS sufferers often experience pain and discomfort, often described as a burning and stinging sensation in the bodies. This pain can have negative impacts on other aspects of their bodies and functions too. Pain in the legs for example, would make tasks such as walking extremely difficult.

Massage therapy however, has been found to provide impressive reductions in pain and discomfort. The masseuse will apply pressure to certain areas experiencing the most pain, which patients have reported as helping to greatly ease pain and discomfort almost instantaneously.

A reduction in stress – Suffering from MS can make life difficult and testing at times, not to mention stressful. What’s especially frustrating, is that stress can exasperate the condition, yet the condition can lead to increases in stress levels, causing a form of vicious circle. MS patients require low stress levels and another great benefit of massage therapy is that it has proven to be an extremely effective method of reducing stress and boosting relaxation.

In Swedish massage for example, not only is the massage pleasant and relaxing on the body, the environment: a darkened room, quiet surroundings, tranquil music etc, can all help to reduce stress, which is exactly what is required when dealing with MS.

An increase in flexibility – Another benefit of massage therapy on MS sufferers is the fact that it helps to provide an increase in flexibility and movement. MS sufferers often experience muscle spasms, a loss of coordination, trouble walking, and other mobility problems that can greatly hinder their lives.

Picking up objects such as a knife and fork can become difficult, which is another reason why massage therapy is so beneficial, because it helps provide an increase and improvement in flexibility and mobility. As an example, by focusing on the legs, massaging them can greatly reduce muscle spasms, which can help with walking. Focusing on the entire body will relax tense muscles, causing them to relax, thus improving flexibility and mobility.

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