As we grow older, generally speaking, we find ourselves experiencing more and more general aches, pains, and injuries that appear to take longer and longer to recover from with each passing year. Even those that are young, fit, and in the prime of their lives can experience muscular aches and pains that can make life difficult, even miserable for some of them. As far as relieving muscular tension, aches, and pains, massage therapy is one of the most popular treatments currently available. Massage therapy has been used for literally centuries upon centuries and has advanced greatly over the years. There are now many different forms of, and variations of massage therapy used by professionals all over the world, and in the article we’ll be taking a look at just four of these examples.

Deep tissue massage – Deep tissue massage actually makes reference to a number of different and unique massage therapy techniques that are used by masseurs to help reach layers of muscle fascia and tissue that are located much deeper within the body. Deep tissue massage is most commonly used as a pain relief treatment, helping to reduce painful muscular tension and inflammation. In muscular injuries, muscle pulls and tears for example, deep tissue is also often prescribed to help speed up the rehabilitation process. Contrary to popular belief, deep tissue massage is not required to be painful in order for it to be effective and in reality it can even feel relaxing in some cases.

Aromatherapy massage – If it’s calming and relaxation you require, aromatherapy is the ideal massage therapy for you. Aromatherapy requires masseurs to combine special essential oils together which are then massaged into the skin, or in some cases, the oils are instead diffused into the air which the masseur carries out the massage. Aromatherapy massage is most often used to help relieve pain, inflammation, and tension within the muscles, whilst simultaneously improving mood, relieving stress, relieving congestion within the sinuses, and generally promoting overall health and well-being as a whole.

Shiatsu – Shiatsu massage is another very popular form of massage that has been performed for centuries upon centuries. This massage technique is a type of Japanese acupressure which is most commonly performed on a special mat on the ground. Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure”, and as such, pressure is applied to various acupressure points located along the meridians of a person’s body. The idea is that this balances the life balance and flow of a person’s “ki”. Special stretches and other techniques are also often used.

Sports injury massage – As the name suggests, sports injury massage is most commonly used by athletes and sportsmen and women who are not only looking to recover from sports related injuries, but to also prevent injuries in the future and improve their overall athletic performance in their chosen event. Sports injury massage will work on injured areas, or areas most prone to injury and will help to relieve muscle tension, massage muscle tissues and fibres, improve elasticity of tendons and fibres, and improve circulation which in turn will promote increased rates of recovery.