Let’s face it, despite what some people may say about pro athletes, or rather how much they get paid, you simply cannot deny the fact that any athlete, professional or amateur, will put their body through a great deal of stress every single week, pretty much every single day for that matter. Sports and athletics is extremely gruelling and physically demanding, and performing them at a professional level is only something a select few individuals will ever be able to do. The body of a pro athlete is what earns them a living and allows them to make a living from something they’re hugely talented at and passionate about. For that reason, keeping their bodies in tip-top condition is essential, which is difficult considering the amount of punishment their bodies endure every single week. More and more athletes these days are using sports massage as a way of keeping themselves in the best possible condition, and the results are pretty much speaking for themselves. Here’s a look at a few of the benefits of sports massage for pro athletes.

Injury prevention – An injury to a pro athlete could be a disaster, not only for the athlete, but also for the team or event they’re representing, and for the fans as well. Injuries can slow athletes down, they can ruin performance and form, they can leave athletes injured on the sidelines for weeks, even months as they recover, and they can even end careers. A great benefits of sports massage is that it has been proven to help prevent injuries by keeping muscles and joints in great condition, improving oxygen and nutrient transportation, and generally helping to relive nagging aches and pains.

Improved flexibility – Another benefit of sports massage is that it helps to improve flexibility which in turn will help increase speed and performance in that athlete’s chosen event/sport. Muscle fibres and tendons are stretched during sports massage, which in turn improves muscle elasticity and promotes joint mobility and flexibility.

Increased recovery rates – When we exercise, even moderately, afterwards we experience aches and pains as our muscles in our body have literally been broken down, damaged, and destroyed. The body needs to repair itself following exercise and physical activity as that will strengthen and increase the size and functionality of the muscles. Pro athletes’ bodies take a real pounding and recovery is absolutely essential for them. Sports massage helps improve circulation which will increase blood flow within the body. Oxygen and other essential nutrients required for adequate muscle recovery are transported around the body in the blood stream, so naturally an increase in blood flow will result in an increase in oxygen and nutrients getting into the cells within the body. Sports massage also reduces inflammation and muscle tension, as well as breaks down scar tissue as well. This in turn leads to a vast increase in the rate at which a pro athlete is able to recover following a gruelling training session or sporting event.